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Welcome to Just Engaged University with your Coaches, 

Geovanna Burgess White(Certified Accountability Coach) and Yvette Valdenegro (Certified Life Coach).


We are the result of two women entrepreneurs meeting with the same passion to coach, educate, and guide couples through the first steps of their relationship journey before planning their wedding. We are here to give you the vital tools needed to ensure your first steps of building your marriage is built correctly and confidently. We coach from a place of authenticity and openness, not judging, or telling you how your marriage should be but helping you discover together what you both envision.


Your life together will be a constant playing field of learning. You will continue to learn more about yourself and most definitely about your partner through all the natural phases of life. YES, you need to be prepared, you need to have a safe place to express yourself, listen, learn, and think about concepts and practicalities of life. We want to openly talk about real life matters, concerns you may have now, and enlighten you with topics others shy away from.

Our candid approach is lively, yet serious about the importance of understanding each other and learning how to affectively communicate for a lifetime. We maintain an approachable, comfortable, and gender neutral perspectives to ensure both viewpoints are supported.

As wedding professionals (both owning separate successful businesses) we have encountered hundreds of couples in our combined 20 years of experience. In these years we noticed a decline in couple’s engaged in some type of course or group that discussed the basic imperative fundamentals of relationship.

The engagement period typically focuses on the task of planning the wedding and preparing for the big day, which is important to have a memorable wedding. However, what about having a successful marriage? What are you doing to plan for a blissful future? Spending a few moments together now, focused on building a solid ground, will catapult you into years of a happy marriage. We believe the visions for your wedding should begin at the core of marriage - YOU!

You can also find us together on our weekly podcast, Uncut & Unleashed: Serving Couples & Wedding Industry, as we discuss the most current topics, educate, introduce trends, welcome guests, and support the community as a whole.

We will continue to pioneer and advocate for the pursuit of love, the beauty of a strong marriage, and prosperity in the wedding industry as podcasters, engagement courses, conference speakers, leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, minorities, mom’s, and being our authentic selves.

We look forward to getting to know you too!

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