Virtual Live Wedding Streaming - Required, Safe, and a Hot Trend in the Wedding Industry

by: Yvette Valdenegro


In 2020 we saw a new wedding trend emerge from the shadows and into the spotlight … Virtual Live Streaming. Live streaming an event is not new to the event industry but how, why, and the creative details surrounding live streaming for weddings turned from a necessity to a requirement.

Big dreams of 100’s of guests filling beautifully designed wedding receptions came to a screeching halt last spring. CDC regulations placed restrictions on the percentages of guests couples could invite to their weddings. Local authorities and government agencies dictate by state, county, and city what those regulations will stipulate. The uncertainty has created the demand for certainty. We may not be certain how many guests may attend the wedding in person, but we are certain of the endless amounts of guests we can invite virtually.

Gone so quickly are the days of client steaming Zoom or Facebook streams. Guest limits, licensed music restrictions, poor Wi-Fi connections, and the weighted responsibility of frustrated friends placed in charge of making the streaming perfect, all create the emergence of virtual wedding streaming.


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