Millennials & Gen Z are Changing Their Approach to Traditional Premarital Counseling

by: Yvette Valdenegro


Millennials and the upcoming Gen Z are strategic when it comes to love and marriage. So much so, their strategies have changed the scope of how to anticipate marriage. The days of waiting in a sitting room for your date, being scrutinized by a rough looking family member, and proving righteous intentions, although worthy of consideration, are pretty much only talk from past generations. Millennials and Gen Z may get a bad rap sometimes for being open-minded, but this ability to see the world from a different angle has changed the inward & outward aspects of marriage for the better.

They have an open-minded approach to marriage and relationships after witnessing first-hand examples of ‘what not to do”. These two generations are waiting to wed and see marriage as an option, not a necessity. They think lifelong cohabitation may be a more convenient and realistic option than the binding legal and economic ties of marriage. Finding personal success in their careers, Millennials and Gen Z want to know their partners, secure financial stability, and focus on philanthropic endeavors. The intention to find the right person to share life with goes beyond what a partner looks like on paper. The ‘perfect partner’ definition hasn’t changed, but taking more time to find the right partner to avoid an unstable marriage has significantly changed.


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