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by: Yvette Valdenegro

Pop Up Weddings have a lot of hype behind the whimsical name, and the adventurous concept is growing at a roller-coaster pace. Behind every turn seems to be the craftiness of the wedding industry coupled with the need to create safe and unique wedding experiences. This effective combination creates memorable weddings, custom options, and practical pricing.


Over the past five years, we have seen the idea of having a pop-up wedding steadily grow in popularity. Millennial’s, busy couples, second marriages, vow renewals, and dynamic duos are seeking unique, FUN, and stress-free options to tie the knot. Let's see why:


Nothing could be easier for your busy lifestyle than a pop up wedding. We guide you through the process from start to finish. We answer all your questions with upfront information, pricing, and design concepts. Once you book, you will have a personal consultation to discuss every element chosen in your custom wedding. We handle your vendors, are your main point of contact, and you have your very own personal planner. So what do you do? Choose what you are wearing, who will be invited, and provide your marriage certificate. It is seriously that easy.


Let's face it, planning a wedding can hang a lingering gloom over most couples who are concerned and worry about the financial burden. Modern couples have chosen to get married at an older age, and only 50% of them will have help from any outside resources. These savvy twosomes are thinking twice about their financial futures and choosing wisely before spending their hard-earned money. Most people also want to focus on other financial goals like buying a house, paying off school loans, making car payments, rent, medical bills, starting a family, or keeping up with their current kid expenses. The average cost of a 100-150 guest wedding for a traditional wedding is $35-40K. A pop up wedding, will cost a fraction of the price of a traditional wedding. Be reassured there is no lack in overall details, quality, and experience.


The new normal is not normal, and the rules continue to change with the local and state mandates; therefore, making quicker decisions for some couples becomes a priority. Work and career demands can frequently fluctuate as well. The need to be flexible with a job is strategically valuable, allowing for smaller wedding opportunities. Travel, blended families, due dates, school, and the military are just a few of the reasons couples are pulling the trigger to be married promptly. Pop up weddings are purposefully geared to accommodate a 1-6 month window of availability.


Safety may seem an obvious reason to choose a pop up wedding with the entire concept tailored to small guest counts, but we did not want to leave out this crucial fact. Inviting a small guest does allow to be strategically safer. You will intimately know who is coming, more than likely be related to them, or be comfortable discussing any medical concerns you or they may have regarding the setup and floor plan. Speaking of floor plans