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Newly Engaged Couples

"Creating the Wedding Roadmap you BOTH want & deserve"


Just Engaged U&I-versity was created to understand the engagement season. With Guidance establishing a shared vision, laying the foundation and taking the time to begin YOUR wedding journey.


Celebrating YOUR Engagement, Growth Mindset, Financial Stability

CompatibilityRealistic Timelines, Planning Styles

Resources & Tools


Pick one or all of these easy ways.

1. Complimentary 15 minute Intro Phone Session

2. Couples Foundation Roadmap - 2 Hours

3. Private Couple Coaching - 4 weeks


 Support during COVID-19 PODCAST 

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Just Engaged U&I-versity Ebook


Geovanna Burgess White

Covering all the things no one ever tells you about being engaged (or married), Geovanna Burgess White assumes the position of Wedding Coach and empowers couples how to confidently and strategically navigate through their engagement together and set up a solid foundation for marriage before the I-do’s.

She self-admittedly doesn’t pretend to know it all, but her accumulated 6 years of experience as a Wedding Planner and co- owning the Wedding venue, Mia Bella Houston, coupled with being married herself, learning first-hand from those successes and failures, establishes an undoubted level of expertise in this field with a unique perspective.


Geovanna’s weekly podcast, cleverly named Just Engaged U&I-versity, emphasizes the importance of creating a joint vision and mindset for forever at the onset of your engagement. She is passionate about educating newly-engaged couples and empowering them with coaching, guidance, online resources and savvy tips to save time and money to help afford them their dream wedding, honeymoon but most importantly, establish the building blocks of their future together.

Her approach to the Wedding Coaching is down-to-earth and refreshing, she is your cheerleader (or engagement guru) in approaching topics in both the evolving relationship dynamics of an engagement, politics and budget hurdles of wedding planning to set you both up for a happily ever after (or long-lasting future together)